Books 0-3

Where to Buy Books ?

Sometimes, you may be lucky to pick up a second-hand or cheap copy of Montessori books on:

or even on ebay or other local auction sites.

It is also worth trying your local library to see if they have any in their collection.

For Montessori Booksellers I recommend:

USA – NAMTA – North American Montessori Teacher’s Association

NAMTA have worked diligently for many years to provide amazing and authentic Montessori resources.  They stock a wide range of essential texts as well as their own series of books, booklets and DVD’s.

Australia – Montessori Australia Foundation

The Montessori Australia Foundation is the peak body for Montessori in Australia, and is also AMI affiliated, and they provide montessori books. If you are in Australia, New Zealand or Asia it may be worth checking their prices and postage costs.

UK – Montessori Society AMI UK

They provide a good list of books, booklets and DVD’s, some of which are the same as the Australia and NAMTA list, but if you are in the UK or Europe you may find postage cheaper and more convenient.

The Publishers

There are only a few publishers who hold the rights to the original Montessori sources as well as unpublished material, or who are working on new editions and new translations.

They are:

Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company

montessori-pierson is the family-owned company that distributes the books and unpublished works of Maria Montessori. This is an ongoing work. They hold all the publishing rights and copyrights of the work of Maria Montessori including archives. (Ada Pierson was married to Mario Montessori, Dr Maria Montessori’s son).
Montessori-pierson recently published some new books:

Volume 16: Psychogeometry – this is a completely re-translated work, produced with the help of Dr Scoppola, a professor of mathematics from Rome.

Volume 17: The 1946 lectures

Volume 18: The 1913 Rome Lectures

German Language is currently publishing a series of updated and new translations of the Montessori texts in German.


Montessori-pierson publishing company have some Spanish editions.



AMI-USA have published a comprehensive list of Montessori books and editions. These are all considered to be good quality. Be aware that there are also ‘poor’ translations out there, especially in languages such as Chinese, so it’s good to make sure you have a reliable source.



Nienhuis (the Montessori material manufacturers) also have a range of books available via their catalgoue – and it can be cost-effective to add a few books to your material order.







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