0-3 AMI Reading List

Here is a copy of the reading list for those studying the AMI 0-3 course.

Often the list is separated into ‘required’ reading and ‘recommended’ reading.  There is also a separation between ‘Montessori’ sources and ‘General’ sources.

There are many good sources !

If you are going to undertake training, please check with your specific training centre as they update these lists regularly.

This is the AMI list that is found on the 0-3 course website.


Maria Montessori:

Education for a New World

The Absorbent Mind

The Child in the Family

The Discovery of the Child

The Formation of Man

The 1946 Lectures

Education and Peace

The Secret of Childhood

Dr Silvana Quattrocchi Montanaro:

Understanding the Human Being


What’s going on in there?, Lise Elliot

Childhood and Society, Eric Ericson

Oneness and Separateness, Louise Kaplan

Touching, Ashley Montague

The Interpersonal World of the Infant, Daniel Stern



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