Shopping Etsy

Etsy is Amazing!

Here are some really great Etsy resources – make sure you check the postage and tax situation before buying internationally (of course!).


1. freespiritkids makes fabulous toddler language cards, and she told me she is happy to print them to special order, so you can choose whether you want the text printed on the cards, on the back, or not at all.



2. There are a number of people making the Montessori 0-3 mobiles online. If you made many of these from your training, you will know that they are very time-consuming and fiddly to put together…



3. Finding toys that are child-safe as well as meeting the Montessori 0-3 requirements, can be difficult, but pinkhouse (Janice) says hers comply with the CPSIA rules.



4. And for some really beautiful hand-made wooden toys, and reasonably priced, you can’t go past essentialmontessori




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